About office real estate trends


After the first lockdown in the spring of 2020, some real estate market players predicted the end of the era of traditional offices. The reality has shown that despite the global trend towards work process liberalization, the presence of an office is necessary for most companies, and its planning and technical equipment are important factors for the successful implementation of business processes. For example, according to various studies, about 70% of decisions are made in groups. “The office remains an important environment for organizing business processes, a place where ideas and values are created and accumulated in a favorable atmosphere. In addition, I believe that people during the pandemic have already begun to miss colleagues and the usual social environment. That’s why many companies are now talking about returning to offices, in particular, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft are already actively working in this direction, “- says Andrey Fedorov, CEO of a group of companies City Capital Group, about the trends that are observed during the long quarantine restrictions.