1. Basic terms

“Website” – a website located on the Internet at https://citycapital.com.ua/;
“Administration” – the owner of the Website, namely a legal entity established in accordance with the laws of Ukraine LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY “CITY CAPITAL GROUP”, contact details are specified in the Contacts section;
“Privacy Policy” – This is a privacy policy.

2. General provisions

This Privacy Policy is an official document of the Administration and defines the procedure for processing and protection of information about individuals and legal entities.
The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to ensure proper protection of information about the User, including his personal data, from unauthorized access and disclosure. Relations associated to the collection, storage, dissemination and protection of user information are governed by this Privacy Policy and current legislation of Ukraine.
The current version of the Privacy Policy is a public document developed by the Administration of the Website and is available to any Internet User when navigating the hypertext link “Privacy Policy”.

3. Collection of personal data

The following types of personal data are considered as a subject for collection, storage and use:

  • information on IP address, geographical location, type and version of browser and operating system,
  • information on visits by Users of the Website and use by Users of this Website, including duration of visits, viewed pages of the Website and ways of navigating the website, or other information generated by the use of the Website,
  • the information contained in the User’s messages sent to the Administration or to anyone through the Website.

The website may use identification cookies to store both personal information of the User and general information. “Cookies” are small text files that can be used by the Website to identify the User, simplify access to the Website and use the content of the Website, as well as tracking User requests and collecting general information to improve and personalize information on the Website. By using the Website, the User agrees to the use of cookies by the Administration. The administration will not use these files otherwise than as stipulated here.
Cookies usually do not contain any information that identifies the User. However, the personal information of the User, which has become available to the Administration, may be related to the information stored and received from cookies.

The Administration will not collect any personal information about the User when using the Website, unless the User voluntarily provides such information by sending a message / request to the Administration through the Website or otherwise.

4. Storage and use of personal data

The User’s personal data is stored exclusively on electronic media
The User’s privacy settings may be used to restrict the use of the User’s personal data on the Website.

5. Transfer of personal data

Without the express consent of the User, the Administration will not transfer the personal information of the User to any third party for direct marketing use by this person or any other third party.
The User’s personal data is not transferred to any third parties, except as expressly provided in this Privacy Policy.
Provision of personal data of the User at the request of state bodies, local governments is carried out in the manner prescribed by the legislation of Ukraine.

6. Protection of personal data

The Administration will take sufficient technical and organizational measures to prevent the loss, misuse or forgery of the User’s personal information.
The Administration will store the provided personal information on its own or involved servers.
The Administration confirms its knowledge information via the Internet is essentially unprotected and cannot guarantee the protection of data transmitted through unsecured means of communication.
The Administration shall not be liable in case of intentional and / or malicious violation of the confidentiality regime of information that occurred against the will of the Administration.

7. Terms of storage and destruction of personal data

The User’s personal data is stored on the electronic medium of the website indefinitely.
The Administration reserves the right to delete the User’s personal data at any time.

8. Third party websites

The Website may contain hypertext links to third party websites. The administration provides appropriate links for the convenience of the User and does not control the Websites that can be accessed by visiting them. The Administration does not endorse, sponsor, advertise or recommend goods and services on third party websites and does not otherwise assume responsibility for them.

9. Intellectual Property

We stand for the free dissemination of information in the name of social progress and the development of the private market, while respecting, at the same time, intellectual property rights to the results of other people’s creativity and work. Therefore, we consider it possible to stipulate that all exclusive copyrights to the results of our intellectual activity on the Website and in the content, including design elements, texts, illustrations, graphics and codes available on the Website, as well as in its appearance and the perception is wholly owned by the Administration or the Administration is entitled to such posting.

No modification or copying in any form of the Website or information posted on the Website in whole or in part, including cropping, including text or web design elements in other websites or publications, as well as use to create derivative works. It is not allowed to place links to the Website on other websites without the prior written consent of the Administration. It is not allowed to use signs for goods and services (trademarks) from the Website without the prior written consent of the owner.
No material on the Website constitutes the granting of any rights or permissions (licenses). The Administration also does not guarantee to the Users the right to use the materials available on the Website owned by third parties, as well as the fact that the use of such materials will not require the permission of such third parties. Any interference with the work of the Website, as well as the commercial use of information from the Website, change or deletion of copyright notices or links to the author present on the Website are not allowed without prior permission.

10. Change of privacy policy.

The Website Administration has the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy.

When making changes to the Privacy Policy, the Website Administration notifies the User by posting these changes on the Website https://citycapital.com.ua/.

11. Law and jurisdiction

Any processing of personal data by the Administration is regulated by the legislation of Ukraine. Individuals retain their own rights and remedies, which are provided by Ukrainian law, namely the right to file a complaint to the Ukrainian authority for personal data protection or the right to file a lawsuit in Ukrainian courts.

This Privacy Policy is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Ukraine. This Privacy Policy applies only when they provide additional protection for personal data.
Any complaints or claims of a person regarding any right that a person may have under this Privacy Policy should be directed only to the Administration, Ukrainian courts have exclusive jurisdiction over any rights provided by this Privacy Policy.

12. GDPR

Data subjects covered by the GDPR have additional rights, including the right to be forgotten: customers, suppliers and business partners have the right to request the destruction of personal data provided to the Administration; this means that the clients of the Administration may apply to the Administration in order to limit any further processing of their data and to delete data about them if possible.

13. Child privacy

The administration encourages parents and guardians to actively monitor their children’s activities on the Internet. The Administration’s services are not normally intended for people under the age of 18, and the Administration does not collect personal information from children without the appropriate parental or guardian’s consent. If customers, suppliers and business partners have information that the Platform may collect personal information of a person under the age of 13 (or the appropriate age of consent) without appropriate consent, they may notify the Administration.